Improvements on Lot 69

2017-03-25 The shipping container was removed from the property. The 60' mobile home and 500-gallon propane tank are being removed on 2017-04-18. The area where the mobile home was located will become a "building site" for any future development.


The below image created 2016-11-29

  • Sturdy 20'x20' wood deck.
  • 2000 gallon buried cistern (I filled it once a month)
  • Buried pump house with power
  • Plumbing (fresh water) from cistern to foundation (rv space), and to the building site. There are three outdoor faucets (frost-free) in series running from the buried cistern to the foundation (rv space and near the deck and building site.
  • 30A Electrical service to foundation (RV space) and 60A to building site.
  • Septic System at RV space and at building site. The septic line has clean-outs to ease any trouble with clogging.
  • (3) separate power runs, one to the building site area (60 amp) and (30 amp) to the RV space and one to the observatory (100 amp) with separate meters (form the pole on the hill, The power run from the pole on the hill to the observatory is buried underground.
  • Phone lines to the mobile home w/DSL
  • Extensive internal roads (to the observatory and to the living area, to each gate)
  • Gates (eastern and western) professionally installed opening onto Old Stage Road.

The Observatory RV site has full hookups. There is a sewage connection, fresh water and a 30A RV-style power outlet.

There is a reinforced concrete pad approx 30FT long and about 20 wide. The concrete pad was designed to be a foundation for a building some day, so it is reinforced concrete.


Here is what the "rv space" looks like as of 2016-11-07.


This image shows one of (3) outdoor faucets, the pump house, and the buried cistern.

Here is a short video of the same.

You need a ladder to get down into the pumphouse. This is where the pressure tank, the pump and all the power and plumbing connecting from the pressure tank to (3) outdoor faucets and to the building and RV site.